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Completed Oath Ceremony
I’m very fortunate to say that I’m one of those people who never had an issue during my immigration process. Starting from submitting my I485 to N400 was completed without stress. I will forever be grateful to the most high for allowing this process to be completed without issues or struggles. I’m also grateful to all the platforms I used. I pray whoever is reading this post Taps from same grace and favor that perfected my process. Please below is my immigration process from 2018 till today 08-15-200. God Bless you all. Timeline Of Immigration Process ◦ Married to USC- 02-04-2018 ◦ Package Sent to USCIS- 30-05-2018 ◦ Package Delivered- 31-05-2018 ◦ Notice Receipt received from USCIS- 11-06-2018 ◦ Biometric Notice Appointment Notice- 14-06-2018 ◦ Biometric Done- 25-06-2018 ◦ RFIE I-485 received via status update- 21-06-2018 ◦ RFIE I-485 received via USPS- 26-06-2018 ◦ RFIE I-485 Mail to USCIS- 29-06-2018 ◦ RFIE I-485 Delivered to USCIS- 03-07-2018 ◦ RFIE I-485 Acknowledgement- 06-07-2018 ◦ I-485 status changes Ready to be scheduled for an interview- 11-07-2018 ◦ Courtesy Letter Received for Medical- 16-07-2018 ◦ Request an Expedite for EAD- 23-07-2018 ◦ Cases changes online for EAD Expedite was assigned to an officer, Sent a response and was completed- 24-07-2018 ◦ Immigration Office Request general inquiry about EAD status- 31-07-2018 ◦ EAD Card is being produce- 02-08-2018 ◦ EAD case Approved at DHS website- 03-08-2018 ◦ Approval Notice for EAD was received- 06-08-2018 ◦ EAD Card was mail- 07-08-2018 ◦ EAD Card was picked up by USPS- 08-08-2018 ◦ EAD Card wad picked by me at USPS- 09-08-2018 ◦ I-485 was scheduled for an interview via status update- 03-04-2019 ◦ I-485 Interview notice was delivered via usps-03-08-2019 ◦ I-485 Interview was done- 04-08-2019 ◦ I-485 Changed to new card is in production an hr later ◦ I-485 Changed to card was mailed-04-11-2019 ◦ I-485 Card was picked up by USPS-04-12-2019 ◦ 1-485 Card was delivered at my mailbox-04-13-2019. Green card in hands ◦ I-751 was sent via ups 01-21-2021 ◦ I-751 was delivered to USCIS 01-22-2021 ◦ I-751 receipt notice was delivered to me 02-27-2021 ◦ I-751 Finger print was applied to your case 04-02-2021 ◦ 1-751 New card is being produced ◦ I-751 change to We approved your form I-751 07-26-2021 ◦ I-751 The post office picked up mail containing your card 07-28-2021 ◦ I-751 The post office delivered your new card 07-29-2021 ◦ N-400 Submit Application Online 01-11-2022 ◦ N-400 Interview was scheduled 07-05-2022 ◦ N-400 Interview completed 08-15-2022 ◦ N-400 Oath Ceremony was done same day 08-15-2022


Application for Naturalization

Total Days: 216 days
216 Days
National Benefits Center: N-400