Richard d
Feb 12, 2023
Despite passing interview since April 2022 Been waiting for Oath taking ceremony for almost 1 year and about to deploy, now it’s Feb 2023
I passed my Interview on April 2022 in Norfolk VA, and the oath taking ceremony couldn’t be done the same day because I was moving to my new duty station in GA , immigration officer says no problem we would switch the location to a USCIS office close to your duty station which is Charleston, South Carolina. 4 months later I got another notice for interview appointment even though I had passed it before, I called USCIS and told them they mistakenly booked another interview instead of oath taking, and they said it’s okay, it’s just an error just go there and it’ll be fine. I travelled 2 hours to that appointment, asked why they sent an interview notice, they said the Virginia office forget to send one of my documents in my file so they can’t proceed with the oath taking , they apologized and said they’d get back to me and book the oath taking ceremony asap and put a note saying it should be expedited. 5 months later I’m still waiting for my oath taking ceremony and I deploy to the Middle East in less than 45 days. I have called USCIS at least once every week and and sent my deployment orders with a memo from my commander putting a expedited processing request still no response. imagine fighting for USA yet not having a citizenship yet . what can be done if anyone has gone through something similar? #deployment #n400 #oathtakingceremony #military