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Appointment/Djibouti Experience today 6/18
Eid Mubarakum to all, Happy to inform you all my wife walked out with the white paper and without her passport. She was one of few who did. Most got put in administrative processing sadly. So before you get here you want to absolutely have all original documents that are required. Do not miss 1. Also, bring dozens of photos from the wedding day. There was a big emphasis on that. Bring other photos as well. There is a good place here that will print your photos out for you if you don’t have them with you. Or if you need more. The place is called VRinda Photo Studio and his number is +253 77 72 87 77. You can contact him on WhatsApp any time. While we were here we did extra photos just for the hell of it. There is also a Yemeni guy who is a very very big help. His name is Bashir and his office is nearby, he looks over everything you have and organizes it exactly how the Consular wants to see it. He was a big help with that and also explaining to my wife what to expect and assuring us we were all set to go and not missing anything. I would advise anyone to go to him, he was a little pricy it seemed, but he is good. His number is +253 77 22 75 75. You can also contact him on WhatsApp any time. We got here about 10 days before the appointment. That was more than enough time. Even with Eid. You really only need to come 5-7 days before appointment max. Print out the email with your appointment on it. Also be sure the DS-260 is printed out 3 x or so. DS-5535 also have that ready behind the DS-260. Clinique Le Heron is the place you need to do your medical exam. Schedule that 4 days before appointment or more. Our results came in 2 1/2 days. When you’re there they want a copy of your appointment letter and DS-260. If they give you the results sealed, leave them sealed. Ours weren’t sealed, so that wasn’t relevant. The day before your appointment you should meet with Bashir, and you will know basically or not if you’re on good shape. If he says good, you’re good. Now to our son. We kind of messed up on my sons appointment, but we’re doing it now, we may be here an extra 2 weeks or so bc of that. If you have children.. as soon as your spouse gets their appointment, schedule your children’s appointment. You have to to the MYTravelGov thing CRBA or whatever. After that is done, be sure to email them the receipt that you’ve paid the $100 fee so they can schedule the appointment. These were our only errors, and it may cost us a few more weeks here. Other than that, all went well. Inshallah to you all too. Places to go: Bawadi Mall is the spot here. Many restaurants stores coffee shop and a big place for kids to play. Inside they have a very nice Yemeni restaurant we ate there a lot. The breakfast and lunch was good there, Haneeth was ok. There’s a coffee shop next to this Yemeni restaurant inside of another mall. Idk the name of it. The restaurant is called Kingdom of Sheeba, look that up, go there and around the corner from that restaurant is a nice coffee shop with LEGIT Haneeth. The Yemeni restaurant itself isn’t that good, the coffee shop somehow is fire. No idea why. Anyways, any questions just lmk below. 👇🏽 #Djibouti #DjiYemen #Yemen
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