Case Approved

Syuan W
Mar 13, 2023
FO San Francisco. PD Jan 18
I got approved today. Hope everyone the case get approval soon! we filled all the documents by ourselves. we don't have a lawyer. I can share my timeline, hope this can help who needs reference. I took F-1 visa to USA in 2016 , I have applied OPT and STEM OPT in 2019-2021. I met my husband in the university, we have been dating for 4 years and got married in December 2021. 1/17/2022- my husband filled online for I-130&130A 1/18/2022- (USCIS) We received your I-30. 1/23/2022- receipt notice for the I-130 02/10/2022- medical examination 02/16/2022- Got the report for my medical examination. 2/21/2022- Sent I-485,I-765,I-864,I-693 to USCIS. 02/23/2022- (USCIS) We received your I-485, and sent receipt notice. 02/28/2022- I got the message for my I-765&I-485 IOE number. 03/10/2022- request for evidence for I-485 about I-864. 03/14/2022- (USCIS) biometric appointment scheduled. 03/14/2022- We sent evidences they requested to USCIS. 03/31/2022- (USCIS) we are actively reviewing your I-485. 04/05/2022- (USCIS) received your response for I-485. 07/28/2022- I-765 approved. 08/05- EAD card received. 12/21/2022- (Ask Emma) My case was transferred to San Francisco Field office yesterday (12/20/2022)and interview waived. 03/11/2023- (USCIS) I-130 approval notice in documents lab. Texas Service Center to California Service Center. 03/12/2023- I-485 approved . I can't believe I got approved. In our country culture, we eat pork hock noodles (kind of like Eisbein)on birthday to get lucky. Today I feel home sick missing my grandmother's pork hock noodles, found a local Taiwanese restaurant and ordered a pork hock dish, and then after 30min I received information about I485 approved from Lawfully. WOW! I will continue to bless you have a great news! I can understand it's hard in our life during the waiting. me and my husband just started painting miniature everyweek just want to get relax. otherwise I cry for nothing everyday 😂


U.S. citizen filing for a spouse

Total Days: 419 days
419 Days
163 Days
382 Days
Texas Service Center: I-130 National Benefits Center: I-765, I-485