Limited Scope Representation Agreement

By paying the lawyer review fee to Lawfully, you acknowledge that you have read this Limited Scope Representation Agreement, understand it, and agree as follows:

This¬†Limited Scope Representation Agreement (the ‚ÄúAgreement‚ÄĚ) is¬†made¬†between you¬†(the¬†‚ÄúClient‚ÄĚ) and¬†the lawyer assigned to your case by Lawfully, Inc.¬†(the¬†‚ÄúLawyer‚ÄĚ). Lawfully, Inc. is not a party to this Agreement and has no obligations or responsibilities in connection with this Agreement.

1. Matter

Client¬†wishes¬†to¬†hire¬†Lawyer¬†to¬†assist¬†with a basic review of Client‚Äôs immigration application completed through the Lawfully platform¬†(the¬†‚ÄúMatter‚ÄĚ).

2. Limited Scope

Client and Lawyer agree that Lawyer is not engaged to represent Client generally in the¬†matter,¬†but¬†rather,¬†that¬†Lawyer¬†will limit¬†the¬†scope¬†of¬†representation¬†and only provide the following limited services (the ‚ÄúLimited Services‚ÄĚ):

  • Review application and other documents prepared by Client and submitted to Lawfully.
  • Provide guidance and procedural information regarding Client‚Äôs application.

Lawyer does not have to provide any services other than the Limited Services and Lawyer does not have to help Client with any other aspects of the Matter.

3. Disclaimers

While performing the Limited Services, Lawyer:

  • Does¬†not¬†promise any¬†particular¬†outcome.
  • Shall rely¬†entirely¬†on Client‚Äôs¬†disclosure¬†of¬†facts¬†and¬†will not¬†make¬†any¬†independent¬†¬†investigation.
  • May¬†advise Client¬†that¬†limited¬†representation¬†is¬†not¬†reasonable,¬†and¬†advise¬†that Client needs¬†more services¬†or¬†different lawyer.

4. Fee

The fee for representing Client in this matter has been paid by Client. No other fees shall be required for the Lawyer to perform the Limited Services unless agreed upon in writing by Lawyer and Client.

5. Discontinuing the Representation

This Agreement shall come to an end, and Lawyer’s representation of Client shall end, when Lawyer has completed the Limited Services. Client has the right to discontinue the Limited Services at any time by providing written notice to Lawyer. Lawyer has the right to discontinue the Limited Services if there is a breakdown in the attorney/client relationship. This may include if the Client seeks to pursue criminal or fraudulent course of conduct or if the Client, by other conduct, renders it unreasonably difficult for the Lawyer to carry out the representation effectively.

Termination of services does not affect Client’s responsibility to pay for the legal services rendered and the costs incurred up to the date of termination. If Client’s advance payment has been exhausted at the time of the discontinuance, Client will not receive a refund.