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32 minutes ago
IR5/Parent I-485 Approved after Interview at Dallas FO
This community has been a great help and support. Now it is my turn to give it back. Warning long post, so if you want skip the details you can scroll straight to lessons learnt. My mom had her Green Card interview on June 10th, 2021 in Dallas Field Office. Even though interview letter says translator has to be over the phone they allowed my dad and I as well, no questions asked. And we were also allowed to get in before 15 minutes. Check in time and wait time was approx 40 minutes and interview ran for 20 minutes. We were in and out of there in an hour. Interviewer was very nice and there were no curve ball questions. Officer asked for my mom's passport, her ID and my ID. Since we had submitted I-130 online, she could not find I-130 in the file and her system was down. Luckily I had approval copy. Officer said if I did not have that they would have to call my mom some other time. She said it is a good idea to file them together She asked for SSN, which we forgot to take with us and were scrambling. Luckily we had a copy on the phone and were able to give her the number, which she updated in the application. What is your name? , What is your DOB? When did you come to US? Which Visa? How many times were you married? Spouse and children names? Next were eligibility questions. Did you work without authorization? Yes; No follow up questions Did you overstay? Yes; No follow up questions Other 15 - 20 eligibility questions. Answers for all of them were No. Last was if we want to submit any additional documentation. I gave my 2020 Tax Transcript, latest pay stubs and employment letter. The officer told us that we will get a letter in a week. I asked does that mean she is approved but she said she doesn't see any issue and most likely she will be. Status changed to New card being produced in 2 hours. Lessons learnt - if you have filed I-130 separately then take approval or received letter along with you. If their system is down then this will be helpful. Have your SSN handy as they will ask for it to update on your application. Since there is no update on my fathers application. I asked can he also be interviewed. Answer was maybe, had my mom's interview was earlier in the day it was possible. Also it depends on whether my dad's file was there, which she said is sent to them before the interview is scheduled.