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USCIS News Update on H-1B Visa Lottery
On July 29, 2021, USCIS released a very rare update on H-1B visa lottery that it conducted a second lottery for the fiscal year (FY) 2022 H-1B visa cap . In March 2021, USCIS made an initial random selection on submitted electronic registrations for the fiscal FY 2022 H-1B cap, including for beneficiaries eligible for the advanced degree exemption. But USCIS recently determined that it needed to select additional registrations to reach the FY 2022 numerical allocations. On July 28, USCIS selected previously submitted electronic registrations using a random selection process. The petition filing period based on registrations selected on July 28 will begin on August 2 and close on Nov. 3. Individuals with selected registrations will have their myUSCIS accounts updated to include a selection notice, which includes details of when and where to file. An H-1B cap-subject petition must be properly filed at the correct service center and within the filing period indicated on the relevant registration selection notice. Petitioners filing H-1B petitions must do so by paper and must include a printed copy of the applicable registration selection notice with the FY 2022 H-1B cap-subject petition. Registration selection only indicates that petitioners are eligible to file H-1B cap-subject petitions. It doesn't mean that the petition will be approved. Petitioners filing H-1B cap-subject petitions, including those petitions eligible for the advanced degree exemption, must still submit evidence and establish eligibility for petition approval based on existing statutory and regulatory requirements. Click for more information. Follow #LawfullyDigest to stay up to date!