I-485 interview process experience: EB1C: India: Senior Management role
Hi All, Am sharing this for all those waiting for their AOS interviews. Looks like the interview is going to be the norm for most cases if not all. My PD is in Nov 2022. Biometrics were in July 2023 and Medicals submitted Jan 2024. The interview process was smooth though I was anxious. Here is the process for benefit of anyone interested to know. The process was standard as was described to me by my attorney and also a friend who had attended such interview few months back. The main objective seems to be to (1) get declaration under oath that all information given is true (2) validate the information on i-485 and (3) get confirmation on those eligibility questions (long list of ‘NO’ marked ones in I-485). The officer was friendly and warm and entire process was done very cordially. Total time was about 30 mins or so. 1. Oath administered 2. IDs verified passport plus Driver license or EAD card 3. Basic details verbally checked - My date of birth, place born, citizenship, parents names , last when I entered US, my current address – submitted my i-94 4. Asked about my job and responsibilities - she took quite a bit of time on this - a. title and role b. asked about India company c. relation between India company and us company d. how I got this job and who recruited me and process followed to recruit me e. Does my job require travel 2. -I submitted the latest Org chart and my roles in job confirmation letter a. she asked if I brought my paystubs - submitted that along with my w-2, confirmation letter from current employer and also submitted I-485j (marked that I am continuing with same employer) though she didn’t ask for it, but accepted it b. submitted copies of joint tax filings ( self and spouse) 5. Spouse was just asked basic standard questions -DoB, date of marriage, citizenship etc place of birth, how many children, where she stayed 6. Daughter - name, age, date of birth, her relationship with us, parents names, any siblings, whether she is married/ single etc 7. ‘Eligibility Questions’ – the ones in I-485 – multiple sections where all were marked ‘NO’ – she read out few questions in each section at random and looked for our response and check marked as answered. Our answers for all of those were ‘NO’