Am Otieno
decided to file VAWA
Fellow migrants, it has finally happened. I left my marriage after months of unending emotional abuse, and was recently taken in by an organization that supports survivors of domestic abuse. I have been embarrassed to file my VAWA case, as everyone advices that I put up with the abuse from my wife. She has used her power as my petitioner to belittle my achievements and I put up with it because of love. Before the marriage, she was a very kind and loving person, but afterwards she flipped on me. Now, after seeking therapy, it occurs that I was indeed in an abusive environment, and that explains a lot of how anxiety was my daily reality. I walked on eggshells for months. I can’t continue to tolerate abuse and disrespect: including physical assault, emotional abuse, financial abuse, and psychological distress. eventually I have been living on the streets of NYC homeless and without anything to my name (my wife there my stuff away saying I was a poor man). sadly I was out of work because of the application and before that I was a grad school student for 3 years. About a month ago, I finally got my EAD. but I have been depressed and without a way to properly apply for jobs. I felt my wife unleashed cruelty towards me, including having affairs and saying that I can’t take her out to fancy places like the other men do. Again I was waiting for my work permit for months and I was depressed about it myself. Now I made a decision to self petition and can’t afford a lawyer. Do you all think I got a chance if I file alone? I am male in his early 30s. I can’t afford to leave the US and begin a fresh that’s why I want to fight for justice.