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Do you have any concern over your upcoming visa interview?
Visa interview can be a nerve-racking experience if you have no idea what to expect.
Start Mock Interview and boost your approval rate!
Accompanied by former USCIS & consular officers
With a total of 20+ years of interview experience, we have interviewed 100K+ visa applicants.
All types of visas available
No matter whether you are in the states or abroad, the Mock Interview is available for all visa types.
Multilingual support
Don’t worry about not being fluent in English! We support Spanish, Chinese, German and more!
45-minute long
Access our comprehensive interview guide and strategy for your visa-specific issues.

Types of Visa You Can Mock Interview for

green card
IR-1, CR-1, IR-2, IR-5, F1, F2A, F2B, F3, F4, K1/K2
based green card
EB1-1, EB1-2, EB1-3, EB2-1, EB2-NIW, EB3-1, EB3-2, EB3-3, EB4, EB5
H-1B, H-1C, H-2A, H-2B, H-3, TN, DV, Blanket L(L-1, L-2), O, P, R, E-3, K-1, K-2, K-3, K-4, F, J, M
Asylum, Refugee, T, U, VAWA, Q, E, Naturalization

How it works

Step 1
Download Lawfully Case Tracker app
Download Lawfully case tracker app and go to "Mock Interview" under "Consultation" tab.
Step 2
Enter profile and questionnaire
Complete the profile and questionnaire. Choose the date of Mock Interview.
Step 3
Personalized Matching
Get matched with an interviewer for your visa-specific situation.
Step 4
Take full advantage of 45 minutes and ask anything about the visa interview.
Become worry-free with mock interview.