Common marriage Green Card interview questions

I. Questions based on the history of relationship of the marital couple

  1. How the marital couple came to meet each other
  2. Where the marital couple first met each other
  3. How long the marital couple had dated before getting married
  4. How the proposal happened, the location, the date, the events that were prepared

II. Questions based on the wedding planning and ceremony

  1. How the wedding was planned
  2. The location of the wedding and the ceremony
  3. The guest list of the wedding ceremony
  4. Specifics of the wedding ceremony and how it was performed
  5. Details on the reception and specific events or highlights
  6. The honeymoon, the location, the date, and any specifics surrounding the trip

III. Questions surrounding the daily routines of the marital couple

  1. Details of daily life and routine for the marital couple
  2. Specific habits of each marital spouse in the beginning of the day
  3. Details around communication habits between the marital couple (e.g. phone calls, or texts)
  4. Which spouse cooks or cleans
  5. Specific favorites or preferences of either marital couple
  6. Details of any allergies or medication taken by either marital couple
  7. Routines or habits before going to bed
  8. Details surrounding children, if any

IV. Questions surrounding milestone events

  1. Important dates: birthdays, anniversaries, birthdays of relatives or family members
  2. Details around where and with whom the marital couple celebrates milestone events
  3. Memorable or specific gifts that were exchanged between the marital couple
  4. Details of important holidays, or religious observations that the marital couple celebrates

The following are further tips that will assist in the successful completion of the marriage Green Card application:

  1. Preparing and rehearsing will allow the marriage Green Card applicant to answer questions honestly and clearly. If a certain answer is not rememberable, it is okay to indicate that you do not recall, rather than guess an incorrect answer
  2. Be prepared for uncomfortably personal questions. These questions can embarrass or even make the interview awkward and uncomfortable. If a question cause such discomfort, it is possible to communicate that to the interview officer and indicate that you wish not to respond to that question
  3. Practice will make perfect. Depending on the length of the marriage it can be easy to forget details about the detailed history of relationship of the marriage. However, it is imperative that you practice for the interview in order to exhibit confidence in your recollection surrounding details of your marital life and spouse