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You can search for an immigration lawyer and request consultation for your issues for an affordable fee.

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See your whole case history and discover where you are on your journey.

Predict Decision Date

Using Lawfully’s advanced machine learning technology, receive predictions of when your case will be processed.

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Finally, the perfect app to keep track of all of your immigration related cases. I've tried several apps out there. However, nothing compares to this app. Thank you for developing the most convenient, user-friendly app, and also thank you for coming back to the android platform.


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By far the best visa application tracking tool available! Lawfully is an excellent tool that provides unique insights based on the AI/ML model that the developers are using. The interface is very easy to use, and the way that it presents the information about possible decision times seems credible and makes it easy to understand when you’re likely to get a result. Well done to the developers on creating such a useful tool!