What Distinguishes Case Analysis Pro from Other Case Trackers?

Immigration is not about competing with each other to get to the first place. It is too reductive to state that the processing time of your application only depends on how earlier you applied for a visa than others. Lots of factors such as the type of your visa, the relationship with your sponsor, and the service center your case was assigned to come into play in order to predict your processing time correctly. Case Analysis Pro have put together all of those conditions and created our signature feature, "Your Ranking" system and "Number of people in each step". We are also trying to give you different angles to see your process by providing additional information about other applicants. Explore our exclusive features below.

What Is "Your Ranking"?

We know you took a long time to fill in all required forms and prepare supporting documents. We get that this is a time-consuming job and you may have been relieved that you passed that hurdle. But you are not done yet. The next step is the real deal and most likely, the unpredictable processing time in this phase may ask your patience. Even though you receive updates from the USCIS website, it is almost impossible to check if your application is moving in the right direction.

You are in a long queue, but don't panic. In "Your Ranking", we have collected and compiled application data from Lawfully users just for you. Based on the information, our AI-empowered technology sorts all the other users who have applied for the same visa and generates the outcome of your ranking.

For example, your filing date of I-130 is February 8, 202. Our feature estimates that the total number of applicants in Lawfully is 384 ranging from January 25, 2021 to February 22, 2021. Then you will see a blue bar where "Waiting for Decision" is on the far left side, "Decision" on the far right side. The number of applicants who registered their filing date is displayed, indicating that they are awaiting the decision or decision has been made. Your application is somewhere in the queue with a specific ranking number. Then you can figure out how many people are on the same boat, and are ahead of or behind you. We keep working hard collecting as much data as possible to enhance the prediction.



Line Up Your Entire Process By USCIS Case Message

While the USCIS only gives you a current status without walking through the entire roadmap, Case Analysis Pro gets you ready for the next step with the comprehensive timeline of your application so that you are able to be prepared in advance. We effectively streamlined the tedious and complex visa process into 4 main stages:

  • Received
  • Biometrics
  • Interview
  • Decision

As we understand there are too many different USCIS messages to follow up with, we have enabled you to separate the process by USCIS case message. For instance, if you are going through the "Received" stage, you can check the number of our users in the same situation. Further, we explored the stage beyond and broke it down to show you more specific messages so that you can also see how many applicants are stuck with each message. Click “Received”, then you will see those messages below under "Received" in some types of visa:

  • Case was received and a receipt notice was sent
  • Case was received
  • Case is being actively reviewed by USCIS
  • Fingerprint fee was received

Note that since there are more or less number of messages for other types of cases, your case may hold a different number of case messages.



The More You Know, The Better

We step up our game so that you don't rely on any luck or speculation but objective and tangible immigration data to figure out when and how your waiting period will end. By the time you look into your application, you would see we have reflected the recent change in the type of a visa you applied for.

First, you will see the newly added number of applicants in the past 7 days. Plus, the nationality of applicants is provided, in case you want to see how many people are from your country. Or check the data of applicants' occupation and degree, which are available depending on the type of visa, especially H-1B visa. Lastly, you can check the proportion of regular and premium applications of your visa type, if you need to check the trend in the type of your application.

Your immigration journey shouldn’t be frustrating. Lawfully is here to help you in times of need. Start your application with Case Analysis Pro to be informed of everything about the process inside and out!