Start Case Analysis Pro to Predict the Processing Time of Your Visa Application

We feel you when you log on to the USCIS and enter your case number countless times to check any updates on your visa application, only to find nothing has changed from "Your case is being actively reviewed by USCIS" for over 3 months. You pull up Google and look up "online status USCIS" or "processing time" for your application. You may come across a number of online communities and other resources that discuss the timeline, but predictions vary widely under the circumstances such as a visa category, a service center, the coronavirus lockdown, and so forth. Frustrating.

Lawfully came up with a ground-breaking solution to help all immigrants and non-immigrants learn what is going on with their applications. That is why we have launched Case Analysis Pro in 2020. Since then, we have tirelessly improved its features with a firm commitment to immigration equality.

With a very small fraction of price and time it would have taken to struggle with immigration attorneys and the USCIS, you just need to fill in the information about your application. BOOM! You can check your case status along with an expected processing time and compare yours with other similar cases at your fingertips. It enables you to see your ranking among others who registered their cases so that you make sense of where you stand.

Further, we boast another feature among others that predicts when your application will be approved and your probability of receiving Request for Initial Evidence based on data we have collected along with our AI technology.

A majority of users who posted positive reviews on our app have vouched for Case Analysis Pro's accuracy. Let's flesh out its features one by one.

I. The Entire Linemap and Information Overview are Provided

Once you type your USCIS case number, you can view the entire timeline and all the relevant information right away.


First, click Add Case in the upper right corner to enter your receipt number.


Enter your case information and select which category your application is applied to.


Complete all of the questions in this step. While you can skip this page, all of the information isl about predicting the processing time of your application accurately.

While the USCIS only gives you a current status without walking through the entire roadmap, Case Analysis Pro gets you ready for the next step with the comprehensive timeline of your application so that you are able to be prepared in advance. We effectively streamlined the tedious and complex visa process into 4 main steps: your application submission/receipt (History) - biometrics - interview- decision. Now you can see the big picture.


Timeline overview of your application.


History chronicles the past case status of your application.

Under the latest status are more details about the USCIS case status. Lawfully's Case Tracking Service takes the most recent information from the USCIS in real time to show that, for example, "Your case was updated to show fingerprints were taken". Plus, the information of a service center where your case was assigned for a review, USCIS processing time for your application, and Things to do are supported. Things to do advises you to prepare for the next step, so its contents can change depending on your status.


You can customize your dashboard. Click More Options icon in the upper right corner, go to Change order, and move up and down any feature you want to reorder.

Yes, you don't need to go to USCIS online and log on to your account in order to check your current status anymore!

II. Personalized Case Analysis is Supported

You are not alone. Every applicant is dying to know when their visas will be granted. Lawfully found your need and delivered. Now once you registered your case number, click your case and scroll down to Expected Decision Date. Specifically, this date is based on registered case data in Lawfully Case Tracker from December 1st, 2018 to present. We don't just pinpoint only one date, but rather, as we predict Chance of Decision by percentage, a couple of expected dates are spread out and visualized with a bar graph to indicate all the possible decision dates. So you are able to be informed of when your application is most likely to be processed.


The bar graph visually displays expected decision date considering a calculated processing time based on our advanced AI-technology.

At the bottom, you can see Probability where the approval rate of your case type (i.e. I-129 H-1B initial/New) and the probability of Request for Evidence are located. You can also see them up to date in that the last time the estimation was revised is shown.


View this chart to check the approval rate of your application and the probability of Request for Evidence.

III. Check Your Ranking Among Other Applicants

A number of visa/Green Card applicants are taking advantage of our case tracking app. Being aware of it, Case Analysis Pro basically provides how many applicants are in the same boat. In addition, you can check how many users are in each step ranging from Application Received to Decision to RFE response. In this regard, you can guess how many people you are ahead of or behind.

Likewise, if you press any one of the steps in your application, you will discover more specifics and additional information for the processing time. For instance, if your application is on "Decision", you get more details on what type of decision has been made. Decision may consist of "Case was approved", "Case was approved and my decision was emailed", and "Case was denied". This helps you understand how many applicants have been approved under the same visa category. Also, we keep you in the loop with any new information in the last 7 days.


Check where you stand now and other users' case status.


Your ranking keeps updated, and more details are presented regarding the timeline.


Under "Received", 4 types of receipts and the number of applicants in each type are displayed.

In Additional Information, we dig deeper into this number and classify the group by various categories: 1) top 5 nationality 2) processing type (regular or premium) 3) industry 4) occupation, and 5) degree. This feature shows our genuine effort to approach and analyze your application with different perspectives.


Additional Information presents top 5 countries from which the applicants come.

Going one step further, you don't have to manually check your case status on the USCIS and our app every time. Just turn on notification on your phone, then we will follow up and let you know the recent update on your case status and processing time.

There is so much more to come. Start Case Analysis Pro and stay updated with your case status!