Common N-400 Form Mistakes

We’ll review common N-400 form mistakes. Get Lawfully’s free U.S. citizenship assistance and N-400 instructions for your citizenship application here!

Immigration to the U.S. through naturalization is a complex and complicated system with many different forms and rules, especially for those who are not familiar with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Without knowing exactly what the rules and regulations are, it is common for many applicants to make mistakes in their citizenship application filing which will cause delays or, worse, denial of the application. Therefore, it is critical that you have proper citizenship assistance and accurate citizenship information.

Lawfully is here to provide free U.S. citizenship assistance and N-400 instructions throughout the citizenship filing process so that you don’t make any N-400 form mistakes and maximize your chance of getting it approved.

Common Mistakes in the Citizenship Application Filing and Citizenship Assistance for Each Case

1. N-400 form mistakes

The Form N-400 is more than simply filling in your name, address, and birth date. The N-400 instructions attached to the application alone consists of 18 pages long filled with legal language which most applicants do not understand.

Did you fill in every box that is applicable to you? Did you provide correct and right information according to the N-400 instructions? Did you miss out on any information that you think it does not apply to you when in fact it does? All these small minor mistakes may well jeopardize your entire citizenship filing application.

With Lawfully, you don’t have to worry about the N-400 form mistakes. Just answer some simple questions, Lawfully will help you complete the form N-400 without any N-400 form mistakes. Lawfully makes sure that you have not missed out on any boxes, information, and supporting documents required by the N-400 instructions. We make the application process simple and easy for you and this citizenship assistance is free throughout your citizenship filing journey.

2. Supporting documents mistakes

Most applicants already hold green cards when considering naturalization. But many applicants tend to neglect to consider how they have obtained the green card. Based on what category you qualify; the preparation may differ.

Lawfully provides detailed n400 instructions and citizenship information in the citizenship filing process. We help you from the beginning to determine what category you qualify so that you know exactly what documents are required to be submitted.

3. Filing process mistakes

The application package can be filed in many different ways. Did you mail it to a correct USCIS office? Did you include the correct filing fee as instructed? Did you notify USCIS with the right form for any special arrangements?

Don’t worry! Lawfully knows all the immigration rules and regulations in the citizenship filing process. We can arrange all filing for you exactly the way the USCIS wants. Get the citizenship information from Lawfully!

4. Mistakes while waiting

After filing your application, it takes weeks and months for you to take the next step. Some applicants forget their fingerprint appointment, forget to bring necessary documents, or cancel the initial appointment but do not know how to re-schedule for next.

Use Lawfully USCIS case tracker. Lawfully provides status updates so that you do not miss out on any important dates. It is critical that you do not miss on any initially scheduled appointments because it will cause significant delay in your naturalization process. We help you keep on top of the fingerprint appointment, interview preparation, follow-on forms, and every other important step along the way. Lawfully is your one spot source for the citizenship information.

Why are some U.S. Citizenship applications denied?

  1. Having a criminal record
    • This does not count as "mistakes" for the purpose of this article. However, this factor contributes to meeting the good moral character requirement. Some crimes will even permanently bar a permanent resident from U.S. citizenship while other crimes create a temporary bar.
  2. Fraud and lying on the application
    • Whether the error was innocent or not, if USCIS believes that your application is not truthful, the application could be denied. Make sure that your applications is true and accurate. If you are not able to obtain the necessary information, show that you have made a reasonable effort to find the answer
  3. Failure to meet residence and physical presence requirements
    • Since you are required to have maintained residence within the U.S. for some period of time, Your trips abroad for 6 months or longer may disqualify you for naturalization due to a lack of continuous residence. Also, if you don't meet 30 months of physical presence in the U.S. before applying with some exceptions, you may not qualify for the application.
  4. Failure to pay taxes
    • There are some financial issues that affect the moral character requirement and could prevent you from naturalization. Failure to pay taxes is one of the common reasons to deny your application. We strongly recommend you consult an experienced immigration attorney to set a plan to pay the taxes and prove to USCIS that you are handling the tax issue.
  5. Failure to pass the English or civics test
    • If you failed the tests at your first attempt, you can still come back to retest on the part you failed. If you fail the tests a second time, however, your N-400 form will be denied. Be prepared and study for the tests in case your English is not really strong.

It is common for many applicants to make N-400 form mistakes without proper citizenship assistance and information. Lawfully has various features to make sure there are no N-400 form mistakes in your citizenship filing. Get the free citizenship assistance from Lawfully and make the most of these services and citizenship information!