Top 5 Mistakes During the Visa Interview

If you have an upcoming visa appointment for the interview, get to know a rule of thumb to pass the interview
You have focused entirely on the review process because undeniably, that is the most critical part to have your visa application approved. So it is understandable that you may have not paid much attention to the final step. However, while a number of applicants get through their interviews without much trouble, some of them are also denied and asked to come back for the second interview, which is unlikely to take place anytime soon. In other words, the likelihood that the interview can still get in the way of the visa approval haunts applicants. But you don't have to experience hardship anymore if you prepare for the interview and avoid these five mistakes below.

Failing to be accurate on your application

Your visa application is an official document. The information you provide should be correct and complete. Make sure that you entered dates correctly and did not make any spelling errors. Remember to include only the information asked for. Additional information will not help and may hurt your application. Not paying attention to details or making typos is one of the most common visa mistakes – and easily avoidable.

Failing to submit supporting documents

Depending on the type of visa an applicant is seeking, supporting documents such as marriage licenses and employment documents may be required with visa application forms. Failing to provide this documentation can result in delays in the visa process, which may affect applicants if they need to secure visas within a specific time frame.

Providing unnecessary information

Don't share too much information voluntarily which an interviewer didn't ask for in an attempt to look confident and honest. This may trigger additional related questions which may not work in your favor. For example, if you are asked why you want to visit the US, rather than answer you want to see if you like the U.S., explain that it is for tourism and you will spend some quality time with your friends.

Failing to be well-mannered

Other than substantive issues in visa applications, applicants can create additional problems or complications for their visa applications when they are combative or rude with interviewers.

Failing to be well prepared

Although not every visa interview is the same, there are common questions that are asked during these interviews. That means you can still prepare for some parts of the interview process on your own. Taking the time to be familiar with these questions and be ready to provide an appropriate response can be pivotal to a successful interview.

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