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Dec 10, 2022
N400 with pending i-751 approved! Officially a US citizen
Today I became a US citizen. My immigration journey is officially over (sort of, just need to apply for passport, update social security card and update driver’s license). I will like to share my journey with everyone with the intention of providing some hope and as a thank you to those that have also shared for us all to learn. My local USCIS field office is Omaha, NE. I applied for my i-751 end of June 2021. USCIS online account updated to petition received on July 6th. I then received the mailed 18-month extension, followed by the 24-month extension between August and early September. I received the mailed notice that my biometrics will be reused at the end of September 2021. After this, I did not get any updates on my case. On 29th June 2022, I became eligible to file for N-400 based on the 3yr marriage rule. So I did send in my application electronically and made the payments. I then got the petition received notice via my USCIS online account. Followed by biometrics reuse and then that my case was under review. All this happened on the 29th of June. I was relatively patient thereafter, checking my case status every now and then. I randomly checked my case status on the 1st of November and my N-400 had updated to Interview scheduled. I was so excited as it was out of the blue. Still no update to my i-751 application at this point. My N-400 interview was scheduled for today 9th December. In the time leading up to today, I read up on all cases on N-400 with pending i-751 I could fine. To be as prepared as I could be and weigh what possible scenarios could play out. When I finally got the N-400 notice in the mail It did not mention combo interview but in my mind, I was going to have my spouse with me regardless, and just hope they adjudicate both at once. Needless to say I was anxious as I hoped I will have an update on the i-751 application. Nothing came lol. I decided to upload as many extra evidence to my N-400 application as possible to hopefully help the i751 case if they were reviewing it. Talk about 82 files totals of photos, latest bank statements, bills, planned trips etc. I even contacted an agent on Emma to try and request a combo interview and was told they can’t do that. I sent the same combo interview request via my USCIS account inbox and they responded two weeks later that they had no further actions on my request. I tried calling to get a live agent but it is almost impossible to get pass the automated stuff. So I decided to be patience (while anxious like many of you are). I live 3.5hrs from the local office so I drove yesterday to avoid an upcoming snow storm last night. My wife was with me and my appointment was at 10:40am today December 9th. Once at the USCIS office and checked in, they did not allow my wife to come in so she waited in the car. It took about 20 mins from my scheduled interview time for me to be called up. The officer I got was very friendly and sweet. Once in her office, she only asked for my green card. Did not ask for the other evidence on the interview notice. I then quickly mentioned to her that I had a pending i-751 and was hoping that could get adjudicated as well. She told me she had requested for my file to be transferred electronically. As we went through my N-400 interview which took all of 5 mins, she kept getting updates on my i-751. My i-751 was at the NBC. Her phone also kept going off and she said she was the supervisor (meaning all other agents came to her for questions, so she ultimately could make high level decisions). This is where I think I lucked out. My questions were: 1. Idea of self-government in the constitution
?: we the people 2. Governor of my state? 3. One war fought by the US in the 1800s? 4. What ocean on the west coast? 5. What do the 13 stripes on flag represent? 6. Why does the flag have 50 stars? Reading question: Who elects congress? Write: The people elect congress After these, we talked about my most recent trips and then the yes/no questions. She then had me sign some documents on an iPad and printed the sheet saying my application was recommended to be approved. She verbally told me that it won’t happen today unless she can get my i-751, in which case she will approve both and we will see when I want my oath. I told her if possible I would like to be done today with everything because winter weather where I live can be brutal and would like not to have to drive this long, also because I already had my wife there with me today in case there were questions regarding the i-751 petition. She gave me the post N-400 interview paper and wrote down her email and asked that if my case did not get resolved today, I should send her an email next week if I didn’t get an update by Wednesday the 14th. She took my phone number and said she will call me back if she is able to get my i-751 file and will get me in for the 1:30pm oath ceremony. We even discussed moving my oath to a city closer to where I live but the only problem is they only have ceremonies once every 3 months whereas at the field office, they have them every day. I told her I prefer to wait and see if she can get my i-751 petition. I left the office so happy, my spouse and I went to do some shopping in the meantime. About 30 mins after we left the USCIS office, she called and told me she got my file from NBC and has approved it and my oath is in 1hr. I was so relieved, happy and thankful. No questions were asked about the i-751 application once she received it. Current online status for i-751 is that: interview was completed and needing review (there was no i-751 interview lol). She was so accommodating and understanding. My spouse and I went back and I took the oath of Allegiance. I have the certificate of naturalization in hand and an appointment to get my passport expedited on Monday. After 12 years since coming to the US under F1 visa, I am officially a US citizen. To say I am grateful and thankful is an understatement. My opportunities are limitless here on out. I pray everyone still waiting gets their cases resolved soon and in a timely manner. Wish everyone the best! Note: My i-751 timeline is not up to day to reflect the approval. Could careless tbh. #citizen #citizenship #N400 #i751


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