Case Processing

Mel Quiroz
Jul 28, 2021
interview was today
hello everyone, So today I had my interview in New York at 2.00 pm. This was my experience We were there at 1.45 normal security check. Went in the building waited like 15 minutes until thet call us in. The IO was a nice person introduce herself. We did the swearing in. And she ask what's my name, date of birth. Where I was born, My kids name, my parents name, and where are my kids. Well they are in my country Belize living with my mom. Then she ask what do We hve in both of our names. Gave her a letter from our Landlord that me and my husband are living together since 2018. She ask if we file tax together I told her no because I didn't recieve my employment card as yet but yes I applied together with my I 485, so I don't have a ss as yet. She said she understands We also gave her a letter from the bank that we have a savings together in both our names. That's the only 2 things we have together in both of our names. We did not give any bank statements, no rent statemnet. She ask me for pictures which I provided to her. She stop ask me questions when I showed her pictures of my husband visiting my family in Belize and she took those pictures and 2 of our wedding pictures and said she keep those. She ask my husband when and gow we met. Then she procede with the yes n no questions Then she let me sign a paper. She didn't told me I was approved on the spot but she told me this* As of today your a resident you don't need a work permit nor travel documents with your green card you can go and get your ss card. You will get your green card in the mail within 2 to 3 weeks. She ask if I only want to keep my husband surname and remove my Maiden name. Or want both name on my card. She gave me a white paper and ask me to plz see if that's the way I want my name on my card and to verify my address. She also mention to me that 90 days bfre my green card expire I can apply for 10 yrs gc. And if I send in more proof I don't even have to go in for an interview they send me my 10 yrs green card which after 5 yrs I can apply for citizenship. OH BY TTE WAY SHE ASK WHY DO I WANT A GREEN CARD? I told her because I'm married and me and my husband want to work together and have kids of our own. Buy a home and secure a future for our kids. Our interview lasted 20 min. But nothing as change on my status so guess got to wait. Don't loose hope it's God's timming. God bless you all


U.S. citizen filing for a spouse

Total Days: 307 days
307 Days
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