USCIS Case Status Message Explorer

Did you get a USCIS case status update message? What is USCIS case status message "Expedite Request Received"? What comes next and how long does it usually take? Explore the interactive chart below to find out! (Please note: Each USCIS case is unique and we cannot guarantee that your case will progress in a way that is represented here)


Last updated: Jun 22, 2024|Next scheduled update: Jun 23, 2024

Expedite Request Received
36% of cases received
New Card Is Being Produced
24% of cases received
Expedite Request Denied
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22% of cases received
Expedite Request Approved
8% of cases received
Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken

USCIS Case Status Message Explorer was created based on Lawfully-analyzed 107,001 cases of I-765 in Based on a pending I-485 adjustment application category from the most recent year.

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Community Post

Finally approved I-131

I submitted initial expedite request in Oct 2022 , got an expedite request received notice 2 weeks later, did not hear anything more for 4 months, no request for evidence , got fed up and talked to live agent on Emma in February 2023 asking what’s going on with my case. Agent said it’s pending adjudication by an officer, I told them it’s been 4 months, this is not expedited at all. I asked for a call back from a tier 2 agent. agent called me 2 days later, repeating the same thing (waiting to be adjudicated by an officer), I told them it’s taking too long and I need to travel abroad due to emergency. agent suggested I open another expedite request. I agreed and told to agent to open another expedite request on humanitarians grounds, sick family member. they opened a request, I received a notice 2 days later confirming the expedite request. Another day later I got an email saying that the request will be handled by NBC directly, and that they want evidence. A week later ( February 28) I faxed a cover letter and family members diagnosis report and letter from doctor. 6 days later, today, case was approved. my case was estimated to be approved in 11.5 months, based on uscis estimate for i-131 at nbc. I just about hit the 11.5 month mark since filling. I wonder if I got approved because of expedite request or because it was finally time based on my filing date. my advice is if u filed an expedite request and did not hear anything, file another one with an agent. be sure to give a cover letter explaining your situation when requested for evidence.