Why is It Important to Prove Your Marriage is Real?

Strict USCIS rules against a fake (sham) marriage shows the importance of proving your marriage with a U.S. citizen

While a marriage is known as a common way for obtaining a green card in the U.S., it doesn't translate into the easy process approved by USCIS. The U.S. government has set a high bar in proving a real (bona fide) marriage between a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and a foreigner. In other words, USCIS is not really forgiving when it finds a fake (sham) marriage. That is why it is highly recommended that you prepare all the relevant documentation as airtight proof. Once you learn about a fake (sham) marriage and its ramification in this article, it would make more sense than before why you need to be attentive to prepping your marriage green card application. Also, if you've already applied for a marriage green card, your journey could be a lot easier with a USCIS & NVC tracking app that I'm going to introduce to you.

What is a Fake (Sham) Marriage?

A sham (fake) marriage is an illegal measure taken by a couple to get around the U.S. immigration laws. A marriage is not valid solely because the couple went through a required process to obtain a certificate of marriage. Rather, the couple must intend to actually spend the rest of their life together. Note that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) cannot approve an immigrant visa petition if the beneficiary previously entered, attempted, or conspired to enter into a fake (shame) marriage.

How does USCIS Evaluate the Legitimacy of Your Marriage?

USCIS has listed indicators of fraud (so called "fraud referral sheet") in interviews and submitted documents regarding the marriage including:

  • Extreme nervousness
  • Over interaction
  • Late for interview
  • Answers prompted by attorney
  • Lack of eye contact
  • Evasive or general answers
  • Answers interrupted by attorney or other person present
  • Attorney directs to distract or mislead
  • Over-submission of documents
  • Staged photographs of couple
  • Petition preparer suspected of fraud
  • Suspect documents
  • Documents issued immediately before or after the interview
  • Short time between entry and marriage
  • Unusual marriage history
  • Children born during marriage to a different parent
  • Divorce and new marriage date close together
  • Unusual or large age discrepancy between spouses
  • Unusual cultural differences between spouses
  • Previous marriages by U.S. citizen to foreign nationals

Why You Should Avoid a Sham Marriage at All Cost

A sham (fraud) marriage may result in the denial of an immigrant visa for the foreign spouse, their removal from the U.S., and possibly criminal penalties for the U.S. citizen.

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