Lawfully’s Immigration Q&A with Attorney #3

Immigration Attorney

Lawfully's third Q&A video is released! In order to help even more immigrants, Lawfully is launching a Q&A series with immigration lawyers to answer questions received from users.

You can find the answers to these questions.

Q1. Can I have 2 cases with the USCIS at the same time? U visa and vawa?

Q2. Does child support affect immigration cases?

Q3. Does moving affect the immigration process?

Q4. Is it possible to renew an EAD as an asylee??

Q5. Can you sue the immigration if they are not making a decision on your case?

Q6. Apart from a lease document, what other documents can I submit to prove my marriage is legal?

Q7. How long should I work for my employer after receiving the Green card

Q8. Can I use my AP and EAD card while i-485 is pending? Is it advisable to use EAD and AP or keep h1?

Q9. Can the sponsor be from a different state? Or it has to be the same state?

Q10. How does one contact their congressman/woman for expediting an application?

Session #3. Q&A with Seyit

The host of our third video of the series will be Seyit A. Sahin, one of our most popular immigration lawyers at Lawfully.

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