Lawfully’s Immigration Q&A with Attorney #2

Immigration Attorney

Have you recently filed forms I-140, I-485, I-130 or filed for a marriage green card? Are you getting ready for adjustment of status or EAD? Or are you one of the many applicants who want to know what the approximate case processing time for your case is?

Lawfully's second Q&A video is released for these questions!

In order to help even more immigrants, Lawfully is launching a Q&A series with immigration lawyers to answer questions received from users. You can find the answers to these questions.

Q1. I’m receiving help from the State to pay mortgage; will it affect my N-400 naturalization outcome?

Q2. I petitioned my father. He just arrived and doesn’t have a job. Can we petition for my 2 other siblings with my support?

Q3. My interview was rescheduled. When can I expect a new date?

Q4. I received my green card but the name is misspelled.

Q5. Should I be afraid of submitting an AC21 Transfer request because it may delay or cause a denial of my i-485 application? (Given that I meet the requirements)

Q6. If you want to transfer to another job what should I do?

Q7. I’m a permanent resident. Can I travel to USA with 3 months left on passport?

Q8. I lost my passport. Can I apply for green card? I’m married to US citizen with 2 children.

Q9. My lawyer will not release my green card to me although I’ve paid her completely.

Q10. My attorney tells me he filed my I-130 petition 2 years ago but I have not received my receipt number.

Q11. My priority date is EB2, Dec 4th 2012, applied 485 and EAD in Nov 23rd 2021, finger prints completed on Dec 12th, but I didn’t see any updates online. How can I access information on Lawfully?

Q12. What happens to my AP or EAD if I use my H-1B or L-1 visa stamp to return to the US from the overseas?

Q13. What happens to my H-1B or L-1 approval when I use AP to return?

Q14. I’m eligible to file I-485 under EB2 now, but I had already filed I-485 with a downgrade EB3. Can I cancel the pending EB3? Interfile? Another 485? What are my options?

Q15. I’m filing I-751 to remove condition on my 2 year marriage based green card. Will I have an interview?

Q16. I-751 is pending so long that now I’m eligible to apply for N-400. Can I apply for N-400 while I-751 is pending?

Session #2. Q&A with Judy

The host of our second video of the series will be Judy Chang, one of our most popular immigration lawyers at Lawfully.

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