Complete Guide to H-1B to B-2 Visa Transfer

Moving from a work visa to a temporary visitor visa doesn't happen that often, especially when H-1B holders usually look forward to obtaining a green card. Under the current circumstances, however, where lots of H-1B holders get laid off in such a short notice due to a depressing economic outlook, this transition is becoming more recognized than before as a way for foreign workers to earn their time staying in the U.S. Take a look at the eligibility and make sure to track your visa application with the most advanced USCIS case tracker.

What is B-2 Visa?

The B-2 is a visitor and nonimmigrant visa that allows a foreigner to enter the U.S. The admission period into the U.S. usually is for up to six months. You can request an extension of visa status for another six months.

Requirements to Move to B-2 Visa

  • You reside in another country

  • You are planning on leaving the U.S. once the temporary stay period is over.

  • You are able to cover the financial costs of your stay in the U.S.

The B-2 visa covers a variety of reasons for travel to the U.S. You can travel on a B-2 visa to the U.S. for:

  • Visiting family

  • Tourist activities or traveling for a vacation

  • Medical treatment

  • Attending events (including concerts or classes without any payment or credit given to the attendee)

Demonstrating your residence in another country could be a little difficult because you have been an H-1B worker residing in the U.S. There are still arguments to be made when it comes to why the B-2 visa can be given under the current economic status.

What If Your I-94 is Expired?

Some H-1B workers may see their I-94 having already expired by the time they apply for a Change of Status. Things can get a little stressful for them since the grace period only applies if you still have a valid I-94. Fortunately, you can try applying for a "Nunc Pro Tunc", meaning you can request a B-2 status from the USCIS with a backdated I-94.

Better Way to Track Your USCIS Case Status

Download the Lawfully Case Tracker app on your phone. Enter a receipt number of your case and fill out all information including the filing date, the visa type, and the reviewing service center. Once you register a case, you don't need to visit the USCIS website anymore. Instead, the app will automatically give you a push notification when your USCIS case status is updated.


When you receive notifications, the app not only presents you with a USCIS message for your current case status, but also supplements the meaning of the message and what to expect in the next step.


Whereas the USCIS website simply displays and updates the status of your application, the Lawfully case tracker app obtains comprehensive information on your case for you: 1) the smart app predicts the expected decision date and processing times of your application, based on the data of the same visa type we have collected over the years. 2) it even generates the probability of the approval and RFE rate of your application. If you subscribe to Lawfully's Case Analysis Pro, you can register up to 10 cases and monitor "Your Ranking" among other users of the same visa type so that you are able to check how many applicants are ahead of you before the decision of your case.


Have you applied for a visa outside the U.S.? We are expanding the coverage of our case tracking, and you are now able to track your NVC cases with Lawfully as well. If you want to straighten out your long and complicated immigration journey, download the Lawfully App now!

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