Lawfully’s Immigration Q&A with Attorney #4

Lawfully's fourth Q&A video is released! In order to help even more immigrants, Lawfully is launching a Q&A series with immigration lawyers to answer questions received from users.

You can find the answers to these questions.

Q1. I came to USA on a tourist visa, got married and filed I-130, been two years now. But we later found that we were suppose to file an adjustment of status together with the i-130. But I have overstayed. Can we still file the i-1485? My husband is a US citizen.

Q2. I am working on H1B and my I140 is approved 7 months ago. Now I have got three job offers and they are ready to do my H1B transfer. Is it ok to accept two job offers simultaneously and start H-1B transfer process with both of them and join one of the companies? Is it allowed?

Q3. Can you continue to work on H1 for existing employer if you enter US on AP or you must switch to GC EAD?

Q4. I am currently on an H-1B and have pending 131, 765 and 485 applications - when is the earliest I can travel out of country?

Q5. Can beneficiaries (applicants) financially sponsor themselves in affidavit of supports?

Q6. If I have a current I485 pending in Eb3 category . Can I file one more I485 in Eb2 category which I am current and have valid 140?

Q7. Is it advisable to travel with combo card whilst I-485 is pending? K-1 was the visa my wife entered with.

Q8. I have applied for EB3 to EB2 interfile on march 16th. I have an offer from new company. Can I change my job before 180 days? I heard that 180 days apply only if you have a new I-140 in EB2. My EB2 I-140 was approved in 2013. EB3 I-140 Pending in the Texas center.

Q9. I filed my I-485 (Greencard application) 200 days ago. Is it possible for me to change employer with minimum impact on my I-485 application timeline? If so, what need to be done?

Q10. Is it ok to travel outside country when your I-130 and I-485 are under review and finger printing is done? Understand that you can only come back once you have travel document (advance parole).

Session #4. Q&A with Gandhi

The host of our fourth video of the series will be H.K.Gandhi, one of our most popular immigration lawyers at Lawfully.

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