I-134A: Can I Correct Information after Submission?

You don't have to panic if you found wrong information on I-134A after submission

If you're from Ukraine, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Haiti, or Cuba, I have some great news for you! President Biden recently signed a new order that allows individuals from your countries to temporarily enter and work in the U.S. for up to two years under temporary protected status (TPS) or advance parole. This must be a great opportunity. The new policy allowing individuals from certain countries to temporarily enter and work in the U.S. has gathered a lot of attention and excitement, but it has also led to some confusion about the application process. Specifically, it's not entirely clear whether applicants are able to correct or resubmit the I-134A form if there is incorrect information included. The good news is that this article can help you out with some steps you can take to address issues you may encounter during the application process. More importantly, follow a link to track your I-134A case using the most advanced USCIS case tracker available!

I-134A: Qualifications

The USCIS is currently accepting Form I-134A only from individuals who agree to provide financial support to the following beneficiaries:

  • A Ukrainian or their immediate family member as part of Uniting for Ukraine; or

  • A Cuban, Haitian, Nicaraguan, or Venezuelan or their immediate family member as part of the Processes for Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans.

Beneficiaries cannot file Form I-134A on their own behalf and supporters must file a separate form for each beneficiary they agree to support. Additionally, minor children under the age of 18 who are traveling to the US with their parent or legal guardian must provide documentation to confirm their relationship.

I-134A: How to Correct Information after Submission?

In case you have already submitted the incorrect form, you can inform the USCIS of the mistake and provide the correct information. Depending on the type of error and its significance, the authorities may ask you to submit a new form or provide additional documentation to support the correction.

First, wait until you get the USCIS notice. The notice will have a receipt number, which will make it easier for the USCIS to find the form you filed. Then you should call the USCIS Contact Center https://www.uscis.gov/contactcenter, explain the mistake, and request that they fix it.

Sometimes, USCIS Contact Center can fix a problem right away. If they tell you they will fix it but that it might take a while, write down the reference number they gave you, in case you need to call again. Some mistakes are too serious for the Contact Center to help you with. In that case, you can send a letter to a service center that is processing your form, explaining the mistake and how it should be corrected. Also, you may include a newly completed, signed form.

Better Way to Track Your USCIS Case Status

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