Oct 22, 2022
hey folks, I just wanna ask a question about N-400, my interview got scheduled in December, I-751 has been applied 9th of June 2021, it has been almost 16 months and just case was received on my I-751. anyone has experience if they approve N-400 with pending case on I-751
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Kamilla saedOct 23, 2022
if your case status on I-751 says “ your case has been transferred to a new office “ that usually happens right after you applied for N-400 if yes be prepared for combo interview even if the status still case was received you probably still gonna have combo interview so if they have your case they will be able to take an action right after the interview if they don’t have your case they will approve your n-400 if you pass the interview but still they won’t take any action until they have your I-751 in hand.
Eli SOct 24, 2022
if you have the I-751 pending, you will have combo interview. bring your spouse. which Service Center did you apply at?
LIN MMMOct 25, 2022
i-751 is Nebraska Service Center, N-400 Chicago city, they scheduled my interview in 75 days, I called to UCSIS today and they told me, there will be the interview for N-400, and I was told that I had to follow the instruction on the notice. as I read the interview notice, there is nothing about a combo interview, but I will go with my wife

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