Asem A
Jul 22, 2021
Working on campus through F1 visa, didn’t receive EAD yet
I am working on campus as an F1 student. I applied for I-485 and I-130 and waiting for EAD. Can I continue to work on campus or should I quit my job until I get the EAD?
D 180Jul 22, 2021
as long as you’re a student, maintaining your student status on F1, you can continue to work on-campus.
sim JayJul 22, 2021
as long as you are still REGISTERED for this semester, 40 hours on-campus should be OK upon approval from your DSO. If your not sure, it’s not worth taking the risk for some cheap dollars against your status. So think wisely and talk to your DSO to make sure.
KJ BSep 10, 2021
I was told by my DSO that USCIS does not allow me to work more than 20hrs a week despite taking only 9 credit hours.

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