tbaba olu
Jun 16, 2021
Working for another company
Can I work on my EAD with another company for a month to have more money to move to my Sponsor State? As anyone been in this situation before? Is there a problem with that? thanks guys.
maz ahmedJun 16, 2021
do you already have your EAD?
de dovJun 16, 2021
what category of EAD?
tbaba oluJun 16, 2021
EB3 unskilled EAD
tbaba oluJun 16, 2021
pending i485
One SonJun 16, 2021
not advisable but it is usually waived/pardoned if your spouse is a USC
tbaba oluJun 16, 2021
@nana os Even with EAD? I don’t think you’re right.
Nina MRSep 2, 2021
the only waived is ground

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