Aya A
Jun 16, 2021
Vermont I-130
Hello , anyone at the Vermont service center filing I-130 for spouse? if your still waiting or have been approved please drop your PD below. Curious if anyone have been getting approved recently. I am US Citizen filing for spouse, PD 3-30-2020 still waiting.
Brazil 84Jun 16, 2021
waiting since march 2020
Raja RmJun 16, 2021
ohhhh good luck brothers vermont service center is the slowest center in the USA
Kinggee kingsly kyeremehJun 16, 2021
I got approval in 4months at Vermont service center
Qarito lauJun 17, 2021
still waiting Pd feb 2021
Bangui SeattleJun 19, 2021
Same here my is PD: 12/28/2020 And so far nothing yet
Aya AJun 21, 2021
it’s so frustrating and when you try to call to get any kind of information it’s always the same generic response. saying to wait for 30 months as if it’s normal to be away from your spouse for almost 3 years.
Raja RmJun 21, 2021
I feel you Aya A I wish uscis could understand that how hard it is living without your life partner but I pray for you I hope you will get e good news soon in sha Allah
Qarito lauJun 21, 2021
they are sleeping well 😭

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