chris josh
Jun 9, 2021
HI all , if you receive an intent to deny by USCIS and they say u have 30days to respond, I want to do VAWA cos my interview did not go well and it’s my spouse’s fault , the best would have been to stay back and not go with me atall , won’t be able to state all that here. do I need to send in documents before the deadline? and if I send it in and USCIS do not work on it immediately, will my pending Green card application be denied ? I have a very good job and don’t want to loose it 😞 my lawyer said the best is to do the WAVA , have been emotionally and mentally drained, please advise, I have all our joint documents and finger print will take a while to come out. I will be reading comments
adam kJun 9, 2021
this is very sad, sorry to hear that. i hope someone in this app who went through similar situation will provide comments. I believe because of COVID-19, USCIS let’s to reply to RFE and Intention to deny 60 or 90 days late, please research on this..
Tochi OJun 9, 2021
look for another lawyers opinion, another lawyer maybe able to prepare a defense that can turn it around, NIOD can always be turned into approval with the right defense
Aji oyeJun 9, 2021
I will advise you to do VAWA as your lawyer advise . It is best to put in the application in time before you receive another letter from USCIS. Your lawyer know how to go about it as delay is dangerous and it will put you in a very terrible situation.
juliet 0Jun 9, 2021
sorry about your situation. you can check out Jim hacking on YouTube his good with cases like this call for consultation. or try another lawyer just to take the best step. wish you all the best.
Ema MoneyJun 10, 2021
sorry about your situation. I think you should get a good lawyer and do vawa!!!
Tochi OJun 10, 2021
the reason for NOID is to give you a chance to send in more evidence, that’s why you should contact another lawyer that is very experienced in that field, since you already have attended an interview.just my thoughts sha

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