A Sharma
Dec 6, 2022
USPS lost mail containing green card
Hello all, My and my wife's AOS (based on approved NIW application) was approved last month and USCIS mailed the card on November 10th. Mail came to the regional destination facility on the 12th and no update after that. I followed up with the local USPS office and opened missed mail requests and everything possible but no luck, they say mail is lost. I applied for a replacement card today but it shows 18 months of processing time, which is ridiculously long. Has anyone gone through a similar situation or do you have any suggestions on how I can expedite it? I am trying to have temporary stamping done at Local FO but it does not seem straightforward either. TIA for your advice. #I-485 #I-90 #AOS #Lost_greencard #USPS
Ankush MDec 7, 2022
one of my friend is in same situation. He has filed for I-90 to get replacement card and have been looking for appointment to get temp stamp from local Field office to be able to travel before replacement card comes
dana gDec 22, 2022
exactly same scenario waiting for i551 stamp

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