Mitchell K
Jul 24, 2022
Using EAD based on I-485 for I-9 after I-485 case approved
Hello, all. I have experdite question for I-9. My job will be start tomorrow, and I and my manager will fill I-9 out together. But problem is...... my I-485 case was approved in this weekend, and my status is lawful permanent resident. Can I use my EAD for I-9? If it's impossible because my status would be permanent resident, how can I show them a proof of permanent residency?? Is it possible for completing I-9 as a lawful permanent resident even if I currently don't have physical greencard?? If anyone had same experience or know how to solve this issue, please let me know......
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God is Able He Will DeliverJul 24, 2022
u dont need the work pwrmit anymore ur now a Resident just ahow tyem ur welcome letter
Shruthi SJul 24, 2022
Congratulations! I think it's best to wait for GC to arrive in mail and produce it for your I-9 verification.
Mitchell KJul 24, 2022
God is Able He Will Deliver// Thanks! I only have I-485 approval notice from USCIS account. Is this enough to show them I'm lawful permanent resident?
Mitchell KJul 24, 2022
Jackie// Thanks! I search google and there is 3 bussiness days rule... is there any exception with this?
Mitchell KJul 24, 2022
Shruthi S// Thanks! Is it ok even if I delay to show my greencard for them?
Prity KumariJul 25, 2022
I think you can always update your I-9 with your employer if the status changes. so I would go with GC EAD for now and once I have my GC in hand I could change the information with my employer.

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