Mike sarp
Dec 9, 2022
USCIS frustrations
I’m not surprised that some people come into the country illegally because the legal way is so frustrating and depressing. God help us
tory kDec 9, 2022
it takes forever but you will get all the benefits once you become a green card holder.
noy PiDec 9, 2022
patience patience
frank gDec 9, 2022
I get that .I have thought the same
Lauren BartonDec 9, 2022
I say this all the time. It is cruel and unusual punishment what we couples/families are going through trying to just be together
Andy GodDec 9, 2022
they don’t care.
ki kiDec 9, 2022
their job still simply let you feel disappointed and dispirited at all ! they don’t care about your life
Jane GreyDec 9, 2022
it's terrible having to wait like this, we can thank trump for the extra delays too.

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