leaxly johnly
Oct 28, 2022
Unsolicited documents
i uploaded almost 30 photos to my I-130 online. pd is feb and it’s been stuck on case was received. I’m hoping that this triggers something at least.
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Anonymous UserOct 28, 2022
not likely but it’s good to front load lots of photos to avoid RFEs when the processing time becomes current
Lauren BartonOct 28, 2022
PD for my husband's i130 is March 17th and been in AR since June 24th, I uploaded photos as unsolicited evidence about two months ago in hopes it would help but still no movement at all
P POct 28, 2022
it won’t help. Uploading photos as evidence doesn’t do anything to your case. my PD is April 2021 and I uploaded photos in April itself. it’s still under actively reviewing. been 1.5 years now.

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