Nicolas H.
Jun 15, 2021
Trip to Hawaii
Hey guys, I was looking for a destination for our honeymoon we haven’t done yet because we got married during covid…. We are wondering if it will be ok for us to go to Hawaii. Since it’s part of the USA, we’re hoping we won’t have issue with the immigration. Will it be ok to travel there? I haven’t been approved yet for my I-131 and I-765.
José Ernesto Quijada HernándezJun 15, 2021
that’s funny we have the same situation I’m trying to figure out too we want go to Hawaii
Nicolas H.Jun 15, 2021
yes, we want something exotic where we can go without leaving the country.
usman DJun 15, 2021
funny question… Hawaii is the 50 state of USA
v bJun 15, 2021
just returned from Hawaii. no ead no state ID, just my Ukrainian passport. didn't have any problems, just don't forget to check their official website for travelers requirements, you need to have negative covid test from the last branch of departure to Hawaii and they accept it only from "trusted" labs, so you need to check the list from their website
Jasna PopovicJun 15, 2021
Hawaii is no problem.
Samran Ali MalikJun 15, 2021
I went to Hawaii last month although I don't have i765 or i131 approved. I went on my state ID which is issued to me for a year
sam samJun 18, 2021
Hawaii is part of USA. no EAD/AP required. but due to covid there is a great rental car shortage. so book the car first before you book anything there.

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