kez mann
Jun 14, 2021
traveling with advance parole after interview
anyone have experience traveling with AP after interview.
faith faithJun 14, 2021
to my own knowledge I think is more risk since you have done with your interview, I don’t pray or wishing you bad luck but what if you were denied when you outside the country this may affect you entry back please so my best advice for you is to wait till you get a decision from them. please ones again I don’t mean to wish you bad luck by saying you may be denied was just saying this for you not to have an issue when coming back to U.S...I pray we all have good and positive outcome in this immigration journey. it’s ok to travel with advance patrol if you haven’t done your interview.
little birdJun 14, 2021
you can travel… people travel all the time even after interview as they do not ourrightly deny your application until after 3interviews abd even after they send you notice of intent to deny. disregard what this person’s says
Tayo HammedJun 14, 2021
We're not each others enemies, we're just trying to be honest with ourselves, I know someone who was denied when outside, it was really an issue before the lawyer intervened, nobody would want to go through what that guy went through before he was given access back to us

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