manojkumar desai
May 22, 2021
travel from India to USA
my wife and 3 kids have b1b2 visa and booked tickets for end of month one of my child born in California (USA passport holder) and all other have Indian passport with b1b2 as per cdc guidelines it it safe to travel next month or need to postponed
N KMay 22, 2021
Svetlana, you were so good and helpful in the other post about the Pro Bono attorney! Why are you criticizing and generalizing again? I had a smile on my face when you proved me wrong about Pro Bono attorney’s being free! I see you recommending out of the box advise on this site and then on some posts you go in the complete other direction? Please keep the “out of the box” ideas flowing. Manoj, please check what is the travel advisory guidelines put out from the White House for Indians who are not citizens or green card holder. Last I heard they weren’t allowing anyone on any other visas except for the citizens and permanent residents.
Jen GeoMay 22, 2021
Better to postpone, I don’t think they relax the guidelines anytime soon, since situation is still worse in India.
misha shaMay 22, 2021
that car warranty is fake. I get everyday
manojkumar desaiMay 22, 2021
thank you Jen I really need to take decisions in this week so plz reply someone has any experience recently
reehan aliMay 22, 2021
I think you should cancel if possible because India is not safe these days
manojkumar desaiMay 22, 2021
one of my son is us citizen(4 year old) and he is traveling with my wife and 2 of my other child(Indian passport) still it’s not safe to travel plz guide me
N KMay 22, 2021
Manoj, I did some reading and the guidelines say that a parent, spouse and siblings of a citizen can come to the United States even if they’re on a non-immigrant visa. Just reach out to the state department anyway to confirm and also call the airlines to see if they have any requirements. It’s better for them to come back as the situation in India is not good. CDC guidelines don’t really matter! Biden’s restrictions are what’s creating hardships here.
manojkumar desaiMay 22, 2021
n k that’s what I read but still not have any confidence . is anyone has case like mine plz share here
N KMay 22, 2021
just contact state department. it’s good to rely on experience, but a solid answer from the state department can cement your decision.
W KMay 22, 2021
@Manoj, I'm an LPR. My partner has b1b2 visa. We have an I-130 submitted to USCIS. We've traveled in and out of U.S twice during COVID. Most recently, we entered the U.S on 5/16/21 from our home country. Not sure about India with the current COVID situation, but I can tell you that parents, spouse, children, and siblings of citizens and lpr can come to the U.S even if they're on a non-immigrant visa. Hope that helps somehow!
manojkumar desaiMay 25, 2021
thank you all for suggestion on right direction

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