honore pakissom
May 14, 2022
transferring my I 130 priority date to my self petition i360
is anyone know how should I request to uscis to recapture my i130 priority date to my i 360 vawa case.
blessed favoredMay 14, 2022
honore Pakissom USCIS will automatically update on their side you do not need to send them any requests. make sure you include your approved i-360 with your i-130 package so they can reference the PD from your i-360
red deadMay 14, 2022
you mean approved I-360 with the I-485 package included with the I-130 receipt 🧾 so they can reference the PD from the I-130.
honore pakissomMay 14, 2022
no I have 130 pending and I filled for vawa its possible to recapture the priority date of my i130pending to my I 360. for example I filled my i130 on January 27 and my vawa on May 3rd I can request uscis to tranfer the receipt notice date of my i 130 pending to my current I 360 so my receipt notice date of my I 360 will become January 27 instead May 3rd .how want to know how to do that request or if anybody has experienced that
sam samMay 14, 2022
priority date won’t work for people in removal proceedings , you just need to attach the i-130 receipt when you send I-360 application.
honore pakissomMay 15, 2022
ok the things I already sent my I 360 package just waiting for the receipt number
o GTMay 15, 2022
Yes it is possible, if they call u in for interview for i130 go with your i360 receipt, let them know you are now on vawa and ask them to hold i485 in abeyance. That is the only way but if you allow then to deny i130 and i485 then, you will need to file another i485 for yourself.

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