Ashley green
May 14, 2022
today 742 days my i751 but nothing change I’m so hopeless
Abc SinghMay 14, 2022
I have 1185 Days so far...no change so far... your field office?
St John5May 14, 2022
is this joint or waiver?
On GodMay 14, 2022
mine is 870 days…. @abc you seems to be topping the league 💪.Let’s stay positive.
oli santMay 14, 2022
are you Nebraska
oli santMay 14, 2022
is it a joint or divorce waiver
Ahmed hamaMay 14, 2022
I filled October 2018 with my spouse, I filled N400 in may 2021. combo interview scheduled for may 25, 2022 . don’t give up
Austa AdMay 15, 2022
mine is 1135 days. Vermont ctr and joint. got interview date but they canceled themselves, now am divorced and filed N-400 based off 5yrs greencard. .
Abc SinghMay 15, 2022
@Austa Ad your local field office?
Austa AdMay 15, 2022
vermouth, at some point was moved to NBC . now I relocated and my case transferred to Newark.

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