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Apr 19, 2021
Tax residency after filling I485?
Hi, I have been on F1 visa since 2017 and I applied for I485 early 2020 and waiting since then for AOS. Does anybody know if I can file my taxes as a resident Alien? thank you!
Max AlvesApr 19, 2021
my wife filled her tax with me . the the accountant just ask my driver’s license, and my i-20 number because I told him that I didn’t have SS number yet . he said ok
M SApr 19, 2021
Yes you can as long as you have SSN. You have so attach something called an "election for non-resident spouse to be treated as a resident alien" or something like that. Hope that helps you google and find the information you need!
Alongside in this wayApr 19, 2021
thanka for the help. my case is not family though. I am applying through employment based category and my wife is not a resident alien. But I do have a SSN.
M SApr 20, 2021
I'm not sure in that case then! best of luck
Charol PereiraApr 24, 2021
I don’t understand guys . I’m in the same boat. I don’t have SSN but when we tried to do taxes they told me I have to apply for an ITIN number or he has to do it as a single because I don’t have the ssn yet
s KApr 27, 2021
please look up the substantial presence test.

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