Hollie A
2 days ago
Successful EAD expedite
Our timeline: PD December 22nd, 2020 Marriage based-concurrent filing sent to Chicago lockbox National Benefits Center Field office: Detroit ASC: Grand Rapids 4/22-contacted Senator to inquire on case due to financial loss 4/28-heard back from Senators office and sent proof of financial loss 5/18- received email from Senators office with USCIS response that biometrics were scheduled for 6/8 6/8- biometrics completed at Grand Rapids ASC 6/9-contacted Senators office again to request expedite of EAD due to financial loss-senators office submitted request- USCIS approves expedite request 6/10-new card is being produced, I-765 approved, I-131 approved
Ren Yuu2 days ago
USCIS approved your request in one day for the expedite?
Hollie A2 days ago
Yes, it was approved in one day. We are also very surprised!
J P2 days ago
can you tell me what proof did you provide for financial loss? I reached out to Congressman and I need to provide proof
Emma P2 days ago
uscis take 34 days for approve my expidete 😂, by the way congratulations 🙌
Stephen Christie2 days ago
How did you contacted your senators office and what are the kind proves you provided..thanks and congratulations
Anita C.2 days ago
Emma P2 days ago
In my personal case we also get help from a senator and uscis approved the ead, you have to have financial losses that you can prove, then you send all the evidence to your senator's team, you can visit your senator's page and go to the part of assistance .
jhe dixa day ago
what proof of financial lost can you use?
Emma P19 hours ago
bills, statement accounts, medical bills and a letter explained our situation

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