jasmin lee
Nov 18, 2022
Should I limit usage of credit card even all owed fees every day?
Hello! I've been using my credit card more often these days, but I make sure I pay for all the outstanding fees on my account every day. I've heard from someone that I still should refrain from spending too much through my credit card, because apparently if I use more than thirty percent of my credit card limit, it impacts my credit utilization ratio which negatively affects my credit rating. The only reason I use my credit card often these days is because I thought that if I keep making little transactions and paying for it immediately, it would boost my credit score. Can anyone tell me if it's true if using the credit card too much negatively affects my credit score even if I pay all outstanding fees before their due date?
God’s ChildNov 19, 2022
yes I believe it does affect it when your utilization rate is high. it’s usually advised to use 30% or less and pay before the due date.

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