Doey C
Jul 6, 2022
My friend responded to an RFE. Package was delivered to local field office by USPS a little over two weeks ago. However, USCIS has not updated to say it was received. The files are too large to upload on their account online. What should she do as their deadline to respond is quickly approaching?
Laman IsmayilovaJul 6, 2022
mine took 1 month to got update
Jai KellyJul 6, 2022
I’ve sent my RFE package on Jun 10th to my local field office. No response as yet. Still waiting 🤷🏽‍♀️
Ummuh RayhaJul 6, 2022
same here
Bayano PARKERJul 6, 2022
As soon as you have proof that your package had been given to someone and signed by him at the local office, you don't have to worry. You good
P RJul 6, 2022
same here package sent on jun10 delivered on jun13 and still did not show in the case status, just transferred from texas to nbc that's it
zale zaleJul 6, 2022
call and verify if they received it
K DJul 7, 2022
Package sent april 14th to local filed office no update yet not even received status changed
ines alonsoJul 7, 2022
I sent mine on March 1st and still waiting

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