Shri G
Sep 24, 2021
received RFE for medicals after dropping them off at field office
Hi, My 485 was filed under EB2 last year, priority date is May 2011, my EAD and AP got approved at the end of Aug, my attorney has dropped off medicas at USCIS field office in Boston on Sep 1st and RFE for medicals has been issued on Sep 3rd, what do you guys suggest? do we need to respond to RFE with new medicals or wait for USCIS to connect medicals to my case? Thanks. Update: My case got approved on Sep 27th.
Srikanth ReddySep 24, 2021
Shashi SangarSep 24, 2021
Call USCIS and check with them if they have received Medicals after issuing RFE
B BSep 24, 2021
hello @shri, is this for eb2-niw? could you please confirm the year? 2011?
ThankYou JESUSSep 24, 2021
please respond.
T JSep 24, 2021
Go to same civil surgeon, get new copy of same medical maybe he'll charge you $50. Or you can try calling USCIS as suggested.
Shri GSep 24, 2021
hello Flavio Goncalves Fernandes, it’s not niw
SR COSep 27, 2021
yes, get a copy of the medical again, mine does it for free if it’s within a reasonable period of time, and responde the RFE straight forward.
Shri GSep 29, 2021
Thank you all for your thoughtful comments especially @shshi sangar, @sant cab, @T J, @Thank You JESUS. As you guys suggested, I called uscis on Fri Sep 24th to find out if they have received my medicals, customer care person couldn’t access my case file so she said she would escalate it to tier 2 officer and she told me that I would receive a call in 2 business days and they provide me an update if they have received my medicals or not and also she provided me a sevice request no. I didn’t receive a call from tier 2 officer yet but my 485 status changed to “case approved” on Mon Sep 27th. I believe calling uscis might have triggered it to review the case and approve it. or it could be a cooncidence. Just thought of sharing my experience with you all. Thanks guys, good luck with your case.

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