Nov 18, 2022
Quick question about American Labor Law
I've recently been promoted in my office into a full time employee, working 50 hours a week. They said that since I will be receiving a set salary from now on, there will be no overtime. However, the manager has been telling me to work sixty hours anyways. Is this legal?
leaxly johnlyNov 18, 2022
I’m salary and only work 40 hours. that’s definitely not legal. put it in writing and ask the manager for a pay raise if he’s requiring you to work 60 hours a week. don’t you have a family to cater to? make sure everything you have is in writing and get proof of it. email the conversations to your personal email after you’re done having them. i also get unlimited time off as well. i can take up to 6 months off and will still be paid every 2 weeks
Diamond QueenNov 18, 2022
yes it is legal,because you're on a set salary, but they like to take advantage of new hire that's what my daughter is dealing with now.

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