Aryan S
Jun 16, 2021
I filed asylum in 2016 no interview as of yet married to us citizen in Feb 2021 filed I-130 I-485 with I-131 and I-765 all together I received the I-765 combo card yesterday question can I travel back to my home country while asylum application is also pending?
elvis aJun 16, 2021
consult a lawyer. But the way I see it is that if you applied for asylum why would you go back. It can potentially create some issues on your AOS. I am not a lawyer but have heard stories very similar
Meelo MontJun 16, 2021
I would talk to lawyer.If u dont have a lawyer.You can find lawyer on this app for like $40 to give you right answer cause you don’t want to mess up your AOS
Ben rosemyJun 16, 2021
you can’t travel to your own country while you asylum still pending, your asylum case mean you can’t go back for right now , you need to close it before travel there
A .Jun 16, 2021
You need to dismiss your asylum case first and it's much safer to go with a GC instead of the combo. Better if you get citizenship.
Mitch NKJun 16, 2021
adam kJun 17, 2021
even you dismiss your asylum case and travel back home, USCIS may accuse you of fraud. They may ask you - how come you were afraid of prosecution in your country and now you are going there? what changed? did your country became democratic overnight and you are not afraid to go there anymore? If you have reasonable answerss to above questions, maybe you can visit your country
Veunouss 9Jun 23, 2021
Real. they will accuse you of fraud. « how come you file asylum but you’re going back to that same country ? »
Ilham MuradJun 29, 2021
did you check your status when it's produced?

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