Zain Rahman
Dec 3, 2022
Question about my Case Processing…
Hi … I’m a asylum seeker I have Final hearing next January 3rd week but At the same time I was married 2019 in October. I was filing for i130 , i131 , i485 , i765 October 2021 as well. I’m still waiting for approve my case . Now My Question is what is good for me to do now ??? please help me to find a way thank you…
kassim yahyaDec 3, 2022
ask your attorney to ask for extension
kassim yahyaDec 3, 2022
we have same problem my attorney ask for extension they gave me 8 months because my case is not approved yet luckily they gave me an interview on my i130 so insha alla if I go to the interview and get approved then I can go to my asylum hearing and canceled it
Zain RahmanDec 3, 2022
Thank you so much for your kindness . May Allah bless you…
kassim yahyaDec 4, 2022
Zain Rahman may Allah make it easy on us to get approved

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