Katie H.
Aug 4, 2021
Proof of name change
CR-1 Hi guys, I have a question regarding proof of name change. I'm planning to use my husband's last name and put my last name as my middle name. We filed i130 using my husband last name but I'm working in another country and not able to go back to my home country to get the name change paperwork done until beginning of next year. All my documents are in my maiden name, including passport. Can we just use our marriage certificate as proof of name change in NVC stage? Thank you so much!
Chris JAug 4, 2021
how can you use your birth last name as your middle name? Don’t you have a middle name?
Katie H.Aug 4, 2021
Well, in my country, nobody has a middle name. We only have first and last name. 😅
Chris JAug 4, 2021
yes you can use the marriage certificate for name change, but I will suggest not using your birth last name as your middle name.
Katie H.Aug 5, 2021
I see. Thanks, Chris :)
Chris JAug 5, 2021

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