Leo Vallet
Mar 19, 2023
Probably the fastest approval
Not here to brag or anything. Just wanted to share my timeline because I find it quite incredible. From receiving the application to making a decision, it took USCIS only ~10 days. The receipt number started with IOE, sounds like they are trying a new process. They reused my previous biometrics and didn’t require an interview. Anyone else with a similar timeline? #I751

Petition to remove conditions on residence

Total Days: 10 days
10 Days
Nebraska Service Center: I-751
Timeline Map
Submission to USCIS
Decision (Approval or Denial)
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paco boiMar 19, 2023
Wow! love this, congratulations!!
A NMar 19, 2023
indeed that is! congrats!
only meMar 19, 2023
wow!! congratulations!! that’s amazing.
John RICHARDSMar 19, 2023
Eagerly WaitingMar 19, 2023
congratulations!! Wish we had the same blessing. Happy for you.
d dMar 19, 2023
congratulations 🎉
Jeff PerezMar 19, 2023
wow!!! congrats🙏🙏 hoping mine goes that way! I’m sending all my documents tomorrow
Ade ObianMar 19, 2023
what?? omg this is incredible!!! congratulations!
Malik ZMar 19, 2023
congrats, my receipts num also starts with IOE. Would you please like to share what documents you send
M .Mar 19, 2023
H AMar 19, 2023
that’s incredible. my husband is sending his in beginning of May
Sinsupa 1Mar 19, 2023
Liz BellaMar 20, 2023
waooo eso es suerte muchas felicidades yo llevo 707 día
marialis OvallesMar 20, 2023
yo tengo dos meses de enviar el mio. espero tener mucha suerte también aunque no 10 dias pero como que de aquí a Diciembre salga seré feliz 😁 I have two months to send mine. I hope to be very lucky too, although not for 10 days, but as soon as December comes out, I'll be happy 😁
marialis OvallesMar 20, 2023
congratulations and blessings
h hayleyMar 20, 2023
Sabina SzyllerMar 20, 2023
Holy moly !! for sure a record! congratulations! I had to wait 570 days .
tom GMar 20, 2023
do you actually have the physical card in hand? no chance it was a mistake?
Leo ValletMar 21, 2023
I didn’t received the card yet but I did received the Approval Notice, so I don’t think it was a mistake, just got very lucky.
tom GMar 21, 2023
congrats! that’s really great news
alecia pMar 22, 2023
@Leo Vallet did you receive a extension letter also
Hill TopMar 22, 2023
Ola OllaMar 23, 2023
omg I’m so happy for you! though I’ve been waiting for my i751, i filed in December 2020, today making it 815 days almost 27 months , still know approve.
Georgina JayMar 24, 2023
OMG, congratulations....WOW!!!!! That's record breaking.
Mauricio Garcia4d
Wow that was Fast! 😰😀
Leo Vallet3d
Moved to Card Was Produced today
Momo D3d
what a blessing you had. congratulations. Im on 29 months on this processus for I751 and 3 months on the N400
Charlotte Tavares2d
I submitted my application for I-751 in January and in February got a notice that USCIS were reusing my fingerprints. I saw on Informed Delivery that today’s mail looks to include a UCSIS approval letter (from Lee Summit and statue of liberty on paper). Have to wait to get home to read it but fingers crossed it’s a similar situation!
July 16 2020 Portland8h
Mary Fredette8h
Submitted I-485 on 3/6/23 and on 3/10/23 they reused biometrics and on 3/10/23 case is actively being reviewed.

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