A Kay
May 25, 2023
NVC has rejected my marriage certificate twice!! I have a valid marriage ceritificate in english but it is in black and white form with the official seal on the back. Is there any problem with the color or is it because of the seal. Can't understand what is the problem. Any help would be appreciated 🙏 #india #mumbai #nvc #marriagecertificate #documents
Valiantly ValiantMay 26, 2023
Did you scan and upload both front and back of the document? If not, I'd try that and put a comment in the box telling them that your country typically issue black and white copies of marriage certificates. 🤷🏽‍♂️
A KayMay 26, 2023
@Valiantly Valiant actually they rejected saying that "Please replace this with an acceptable marriage certificate from a correct issuing authority."
Valiantly ValiantMay 26, 2023
@A Kay use this link https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country.html 1. Select your country Then, 2. Select "marriage, divorce certificates" and follow the instructions on that page (if that's not what you did before). Hope this helps.
M KMay 28, 2023
@A Kay they need color copy. they don’t accept black and white.
A KayMay 30, 2023
@M K but ceritificate in my district is issued in black & white only.
Rose AJun 2, 2023
same FE I got too. my marriage certificate is also black and white . I uploaded again the same one , still waiting since 8 days for their reply
A KayJun 3, 2023
@Rose A where are you from?
Rose AJun 3, 2023
AKay I’m the usc petitioner my husband is in Saudi Arabia . waiting for DQ, we Married to Pakistan
Rose AJun 11, 2023
A Kay have you got your DQ? I just got again same RFE yesterday for my marriage certificate on my husbands paper, mine is accepted Same marriage paper, don’t know what’s going on
A KayJun 12, 2023
@Rose A no, I have resubmitted the same document again. waiting for their response
Rose AJun 13, 2023
AKay I did the same thing but rejected twice already , don’t know what should I do, have you done anything extra paper when you resubmitted again?or any public inquiry?
A KayJun 14, 2023
@Rose A raised a public inquiry but they gave a generic response
Rose AJun 14, 2023
AKay when did you resubmit third time? is it same marriage certificate or you added some additional papers too?
A KayJun 15, 2023
@Rose A last week. same document and yes provided them with additional proof of marriage
Rose AJun 17, 2023
AKay sorry to bother you , what type of additional documents you provided with marriage certificate? I’m very frustrated to get reject again every time 15 days waiting. but I hope this time will be accepted cause last time my paper was uploaded ups side down. could be that was a reason
A KayJun 19, 2023
@Rose A I'm not sure about your country. mine is not approved yet can't say anything if they will approve it this time or not. if you got married in Pakistan you can refer to youtube video of Ramsha Khan she has explained what documents are needed.
Jane FrancesJul 7, 2023
@Rose A @A Kay you will find a website in the email nvc sent you to notify you of the rejection. go to that email, chose ur country by letter and scroll down n read the correct accepted marriage certificate and paper ink n colour applicable to your country. please what's the interval between resubmitted and when nvc replied u again. like they will place you in line again even after accepting other documents apart from the marriage certificate?
A KayJul 7, 2023
@Jane Frances around 2 weeks
Jane FrancesJul 7, 2023
ok thanks
American Dream 2281May 17, 2024
@A Kay I am having similar issue. My marriage certificate got rejected twice. My certificate was issue by State Government and it is with Marriage Registrar digital signature and round stamp all are in English. It is also color copy in PDF format. Did you got your issue fix with marriage certificate? #india #Gujarat. #nvc #marriagecertificate #documents

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