Rachael Albright
Jul 10, 2024
waiting for the NVC to process payment sucks!! I have everything ready to send straight away but just waiting on it to change to paid!! The money has come out our bank it's gone so nvc hurry up!! I applied for a police certificate at same time and have got that back! a physical copy through the post! before they have processed a electronic payment!! this is driving me insane!!
Jonathan HernandezJul 10, 2024
It took them 5 days for them to allow me to start sending all documents. Hang in there , You’re almost at the end of this hard journey 🙏🏻
Rachael AlbrightJul 10, 2024
Thank you Jonathan. really needed to hear that today.
Na getaJul 12, 2024
mine took 72 hours to process the payment. i hope the do the same for you.
Rachael AlbrightJul 12, 2024
I paid last Friday at 5.45pm. its been nearly a whole week. I wish it was 72 hrs haha. just driving me a bit insane and everytime I check a little more sad. but hopefully soon
Rachael AlbrightJul 12, 2024
Finally changed!!!!

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