estefany Hayles
2 days ago
New Card is being produced!
I had my interview and got approved on the spot! my agent was nice and friendly but he still made a good amount of questions. I think it was because my husband was extremely nervous lol. Glory to God that this is over at least for now. Best wishes to you all! Pd August 10th 2020 Biometrics February 2021 Philadelphia.
S B R2 days ago
I have my interview in 3 weeks in Philadelphia!
estefany Hayles2 days ago
Good luck! get all your documents prepared and your pictures.
S B R2 days ago
Thank you! How was the parking there?
flacka a2 days ago
congrats!!! we’re waiting on the notice to find out our interview date in Philadelphia! if you don’t mind me asking what additional proof did you give them at the interview? just curious bc I’m getting ours together now.
Victory Victory2 days ago
estefany Hayles2 days ago
@Sbr there is a lot parking spots in front of the building
estefany Hayles2 days ago
@flacka of course! I had taxes together, savings account, investment accounts, car insurance, phone bill, life insurance, internet bill, lease and pictures. good luck!
Jos Sa day ago
estefany Haylesa day ago
thank you @Jos and @ Victory

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